International Mail

International mail must be kept separate from domestic mail so it will not delay dispatch due to insufficient postage.

Postage rates to Canada and Mexico are less than other foreign countries. To assure that the proper postage is applied, please indicate Canada or Mexico on the front.

Customs Declaration Forms

Please do not use the Customs Declaration Form as a mailing label. You will still need to have the sender's address and the addressee's address on the package in their proper areas. For assistance, please contact us.

Federal Aviation Administration rulings place restrictions on all packages weighing 16 ounces or more to international and APO/FPO destinations. In order to comply with the requirements, all packages (16 ounces or more) to international destinations, including Canada and Mexico and APO/FPO overseas military installations, must have the appropriate Customs Declaration form attached. Please use the most current forms available on the USPS Customs Forms website. Previous versions of customs forms will not be accepted. Any package that uses a HAND WRITTEN Customs Declaration Form must be presented in-person to a U.S. Post Office counter, and cannot be sent through University Postal Services. These forms are PS Form 2976 and PS Form 2976-A.

All international packages being sent through University Postal Services with postage, or using a UAccess Financials account number, must be accompanied by a completed USPS Customs Form.


All mail to foreign countries must be enveloped or wrapped (except post cards). Your department should seal all foreign mail.

Foreign mailings should have the country name, printed in capital letters, as the only information on the bottom line. The postal deliver zone, if any, should be included with the city. For example:


Refer to the USPS International Addressing Requirements for additional information.